Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I've Been Working On - Wreath Ornaments

I've been working on a few things....most of which I can't show because they are gifts for people who follow this blog. These wreath ornaments may end up in some of your hands, but I don't care if you've already seen them. They will most likely be used as gift toppers. I saw these on Martha Stewart and thought they were adorable. So the next time I was at Michael's (the craft store), I picked up a big bag of pipe cleaners. I have a few more that need embellishment but these were the ones I got finished before J got up from his nap...there is NO crafting when Joseph is awake. It's disastrous! But these wreaths are really easy....cardboard, pipe cleaners, ribbon, and something to embellish. I plan on doing some with buttons (I'm kinda obsessed with buttons lately). Martha put a little pipe cleaner candle on her's but I forgot to...I'll put one on the next one or two or three. I have lots of cardboard circles traced out so I will make these until I run out of pipe cleaners. :)

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