Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Update

James is almost 4 months old! The past few months have been...well....overwhelming to say the least. Overwhelming, exhausting, wonderful months. Life as I knew it is no more and as hard as I though raising one son was, I was no where near prepared for how hard 2 is.  To make it even harder, Michael has been out of town probably about half the time since James has been born. Some days, I'm just hanging by a string.

James is an easy going baby over all. He eats good and weighs 18 lbs now. Big brother only weigh 26. He likes chillin in the kitchen with me when im cooking/cleaning. He also likes laying on his play mat. He doesn't sleep that good yet. Just when I think he's getting consistent at only waking once at night, he starts waking 2 or 3 times. And it's not like he wants to eat, he just wants to hang out. He absolutely hates car rides. It doesn't matter how short....if he's awake, he's crying.

Joseph is a better big brother than I thought he would be. He's still pretty jealous and it seems like anytime I sit down to nurse James, he suddenly need juice or something to eat or wants to watch a movie,...something that requires me getting up. But he has learned to sleep through a lot. He can sleep through some of the worst crying. His naps are pretty much gone though.  Should they be? Probably not. He takes about one every 3 days. Most days, I get tied up with James and miss the nap window. And to be honest, I get tired of the wailing and gnashing of teeth that is involved in nap taking.

You would think that with James gaining weight like a champ, I would be losing it like crazy, but I'm not. I'm starving all the time and aside from hauling James around and chasing Joseph, I don't work out. I'm trying not to get too bogged down in it though and give myself some time. I think I did too much too early with Joseph and my milk production went to crap. I keep telling myself that I'm not having any more kids so I've got time to get the weight off for good. That's more kiddos for me. I'm done. Michael thinks i will want to try for a girl  in a few years but I don't think so.

I would like to get back to blogging some. I don't know how that will go. I'm still cooking lots of blog worthy food. I'm not that comfortable blogging on the iPad yet...I don't know how to put pics on here with it but I'm going to work on that. I will try to get some pics up soon. I just wanted to give a life update to those who give a hoot.