Friday, April 26, 2013

Where to begin..

 Where to begin? I've thought about this blog often. I even get so far as to start writing a post but then get overwhelmed and stop.  I really don't know where to begin, but here goes...

James is 8 months old. WOW! He is a big ol dude at 24 lbs, but the funny thing is that he doesn't look fat...he is not a Michelin baby by any means. He's pretty much happy most of the time..except when he is teething. He does not sleep very well at night, though. He will be up sometimes every 2 1/2 hours. And it's not to eat. Sometimes he is just awake. I always say that if he would just sleep at night, he would be the perfect baby. He takes pretty good naps and doesn't fight me too much about them.  I've learned to love a noise machine....not for him, for me. After awhile, it's like, "Dude, if you want to party, you are partying alone." 

Joseph just turned 3. I can't believe it. He's a pistol. He only weighs 27 lbs so it won't be long until he is surpassed by his little brother. We've been potty training and he is actually doing really well. He only wears pull-ups at night and most of the time, they are still dry when he wakes up.  

I've been splitting my time between frankfort and south Fulton since Michael has been out of town so much. Neither situation is perfect. It's nice to have some help as well as some flexible free time while I'm here in Tennessee. However, I only get to see Joseph when he wakes up ans when it's time for bed unless he's sick in which case he wants mama. If I try to get him to hang out with me, all he says is "I want to see Papaw and Gray." And it ends up being just a huge fight. It doesn't matter what fun stuff I have for him to do. I miss my Jo Jo (a nickname he gave himself). However, when I'm in Frankfort, I don't get a break most days. I also have to cook supper every night (as opposed to splitting that duty with my mom here). It's also so much harder to keep the Frankfort house clean. One of the big downfalls comes at night when James is deciding to wake up constantly. I want to reach over and say "hey, you're turn." But, alas, there is no one else to take a turn. The good thing is that there is no one to disturb if I decide to let him fuss. Well, there's Joseph, but he has gotten to be so much more of a sound sleeper.

I was so excited to be here since I really don't have any girl friends in Frankfort, but you know what? My friends are pretty busy, and unless I call one of them to go to lunch, I really don't see them much. 

So, I will probably go on back to Frankfort and only come here when Michael is out of town for more that a few days. I'm not happy with either decision, but I feel it's the right thing to do. I want to raise my kids. I don't want my husband to miss seeing the boys grow up simply because I wanted someone to watch the boys while I went for a that will be hard to give up.

So, my first post in a long time. Hopefully, I can be more regular about it. I've got so much swimming around in my needs somewhere to go.

Until next time.