Saturday, October 15, 2011

Short and Sweet


The little man and I have been together a lot lately. It's really started to wear on me...and I'm sure he gets sick of me sometimes too. Today for my birthday (which is Tuesday), Michael and I went to Louisville and left Joseph with Michael's dad and step mom. It is the first time I've left him anywhere other than our house or my parents' house (which I still consider "home" so it doesn't count). I was initially worried that he would get upset when we went to leave, but that was so not the case. He was like, "BYE!" We came back to get him around 7 this evening and he was still smiling and happy. He was ready to come home I guess because he waved at his Granna and Papaw and said "BYE!" He then proceeded to chat in his car seat....I assume that he was telling us all about his day. Michael said that I looked the happiest that I had looked all day on the way back to the house. I can't help son brings out the best (sometimes the worst...but mostly the best) in me. That's all for tonight folks! I'm out!

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