Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Menu

Happy Halloween!!! It is a beautiful day here and will be a great evening for a little trick or treating. I put together a little "happy" for Joseph. I'm gonna give it to him after he gets up from his nap.


I've decided to start a new weekly post of our weekly menu. I know I have trouble figuring out what to fix for supper and sometimes seeing what someone else is making inspires me. So, I'm hoping I can give some of you some ideas when you need it. I will post links to the recipes when I can. I will blog about any meal that is new that turns out to be something special. 
Starting out with tonight, I always make these for Halloween:
They are called Trick or Treat Turnovers. They are so cute and really good. We will be having them with Mario's Carrots.

Here's the rest of the week:
Tuesday: 15 Minute Bean Soup, cornbread
Wednesday: Peanut Crusted Chicken Fingers, sweet potato fries
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Caramelized Cajun Pork Chops (the recipe link is for chicken, but I'm using chops instead), sliced baked potatoes, green beans (I use a variation of this recipe)
Sunday: Leftovers

I hope ya'll have a great week!! This is the last day of my Blogtoberfest!! I don't know when I'll be back...Just kidding..I'm sure I will post pics from Joseph trick or treating tomorrow or the next day. :)

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