Monday, October 24, 2011

Joseph was obsessed with tractors as usual during our trip to TN. He had to sit on every one that my parents own...which is quite a few. He's covering his bases in these pics with an Oliver, a Ford, and a Farmall.

Joseph had his 18 month check up today. He was actually 60th percentile in height but a measly 3rd in weight. Wish I could borrow some of that thinness. :) The doctor wants me to start trying to get him to drink whole chocolate milk and milkshakes made with pediasure (because he won't drink it by itself). I'm so jealous....I want to go on a milkshake and chocolate milk diet!!!

We got our flu shots too. As usual I am feeling kinda crappy afterward. It always seems to knock me down for a day. My body doesn't like it. Joseph took quite a long nap today but other than that, he seems fine from his.

We just got done watching X-Men First Class. One of the only types of movies I like about as well as sports movies are super hero movies. I'm weird.

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