Friday, October 7, 2011

I love Fall!

I told ya'll that I went to Michael's and got some super cute Halloween/Fall decorations and promised I would show them once my cross stitch was finished. Well, it is finished!!! 

Pretty cute, huh? I will be honest. There were times when I didn't think I would like it. I didn't have a picture of the finished cross stitch and while I knew the general colors, I didn't think they would be so muted. But I like it. I think the colors work well.

So when I went to pick out some decorations, I immediately gravitated to the purple/black/silver Halloween stuff. I've always thought that color scheme was really cute. However, it really doesn't go with the cross stitch. Drat! So I brainstormed and decided to clear off the top of my hutch in the kitchen and make that my purple and black spot:

I already had the lanterns...they were favors from a wedding we went to (Thanks Justin & Caroline). The cauldron is actually a coffee mug and I picked up the black candle at Pier 1.
I got some black gerbera daisies and purple chrysanthemums. I already had the vase but jazzed it up some with some black sparkly ribbon. You can't really see them in the pic but I have some silver glitter branches poking out of the bouquet. 
I loved this sign and Joseph actually picked out the black bird. He has impeccable taste. 
This tombstone just fit so well that I had to get it.

I went with an orange/harvest type theme for the living room:
 And yes, I put in The Great Pumpkin DVD before I took pics. :) The good thing about this display is that I will just take the jack o lanterns and stuff off after Halloween and it will be just a fall display until time for Christmas decorations!

I love this sign!!

I swear the shelf is not as dusty as it looks!!! I could've sworn I dusted before I put the decorations up, but evidently I just did a quick dust of the edges!  The Mummy is a cross stitch I did a few years ago.

I just loved these little picks!

 Watch out for the pumpkin thief!!
 Forgive the state of the books in the pic. Joseph constantly decimates them so I only put them back orderly-like if we have company or something. It just gets too tiring and he tends to leave them alone if they are all disheveled like that.

We picked up this guy out of the clearance bin at Hallmark yesterday:
 He dances to Monster Mash. Joseph LOVES him.

 And finally.....

My gorgeous mums!!!


 I snagged this barrel at a yardsale last week.

The door hanging that I painted a few years ago:

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