Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Like I need another way to waste time and come up with ideas for crafts and recipes. I gave in and joined Pinterest today. I've already found a ton of cute ideas and tasty treats that I simply must try. I'm actually pretty excited about it. :)

Other than that it's been a pretty ordinary day. I went for a run with the dogs this afternoon. I've decided not to run the Black Cat Chase this Friday. I haven't been training enough and that race is such a circus that if I'm not going to do it well, I would rather save my money. Also Michael's high school football team is undefeated and their last home game is Friday and he has really wanted to go see them play.

We just finished watching Green Lantern...2 super hero movies in as many nights...if I can manage to get Captain America tomorrow I will just be in super hero overload. :)

I hope ya'll have all had a great day. Hang on...I promise I will have some more tasty treats to show ya'll soon!

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