Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Love Resale Shops!!!

I did one of my all time favorite things to do without Joseph today: Resale Shopping!  Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with the little man, but he is a nightmare at resale shops. In the children's one he will just find toys he wants and he just doesn't have the patience required to sort through all those clothes to find the treasures. One of my favorites was having a 30% off your entire purchase sale this weekend so off I went!

I usually just shop at the kid's store but they recently opened an adult clothing resale store right next door. So I checked it out too. I found a few awesome things:
 Those suede heels are killer. I am in love with them. I already have my outfit picked out for church tomorrow and I'm wearing those shoes.

 The strawberry necklace is also adorable.

I didn't do too bad. 2 shirts, a dress, 2 pair of shoes, and a necklace for about $50.

I went a "little" crazy at Once Upon a Child....

But my child is going to be fully clothed for fall and beyond. I got 8 long sleeve t shirts, 3 button downs, 1 vest, 4 jeans, 2 cotton "play pants", a jacket, 3 toys (one was a toddler game system with 4 games) and 4 books for about $70.

Other than that I went to Target to get kitty litter. I love Target. I wish we would get one in Frankfort. If we had Target and a decent kids resale shop, I would never have to go to Lexington again. :)

Michael and I went and ran the Black Cat route again this evening. I pushed the stroller this time and did not do so hot. I just puttered out going up that big hill. I know if I train with the stroller I will rock it when I don't use it on race night. I'm putting Joseph in child care during the race. I am not trying to navigate a stroller through 1500 people this year!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!

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