Thursday, October 20, 2011

One of the Things I've Been Working on...

I am in Tennessee at my parents' house. Big yard sale in the morning! I was going to show pictures of not only my fabulous glitter shoes but also my fantastic yarn wreath and Joseph's Halloween costume. All the others will have to wait. The pics were taking too long to upload and I really want to get to bed. :)

These shoes are so cute and super easy to make. I saw them on the Martha Stewart Show one day and knew I HAD to make maroon ones to wear the the MS State game next week!! Big surprise though....maroon glitter...not easy to come by. I would not be discouraged! I ended up mixing red and black glitter 1:1 and I think it turned out great. I got the shoes at target for I think $10. I know they probably won't hold up well...I'll let you know what they look like after the game. I'm not wearing them until then!

Here's the tutorial.

I will say that you can expect the shoes to look like a hot mess after the first coat of glitter. This is normal.

Well, I am off to bed and hope that we sell LOTS of stuff tomorrow. Not just to make some coin but also so we don't have to pack it all back up! Toodles.

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