Sunday, October 30, 2011

A House Divided

Cowbell baby

As you probably already know, I am a huge Mississippi State (and also University of Tennessee, but we will focus on just State today) football fan.We were lucky to be given tickets to the MSU vs UK game that was in Lexington this weekend. I ordered a "House Divided" shirt from Sew What's Going On on Etsy. It is so stinking cute and made for a great family photo:
 Of course, Joseph was not interested in taking pictures, as usual. You can't really see it but I had Bitsy Blings on Etsy make me a really cute State necklace. Check out her store. She does good work.

The State trailer was parked right by the section where our seats were. I love you, Dan!:
 We had really great seats on the lower level. Two years ago when we went, we were in the nose bleed section.
 It was super cold, but I actually kept my coat off for most of the game because UK was having a black out and I refused to participate (and my coat is black). I was fine until all the UK fans started leaving...the more people that left, the colder it got! We were good fans and stayed the whole time....what am I talking about? My team was winning...of course we stayed!!!
 Final score UK 16 MSU 28 Woo HOO! My marriage lives to see another day...until the UT game next month...

My glitter shoes did crease quite a bit:
I will also say that glitter does not add any insulation!! I think the glitter shoes would work better in a lighter color glitter. I don't think you would notice the creasing as much. I still love them and will touch them up and wear them again! They didn't shed glitter wasn't like I left a trail of glitter...which was good.

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