Monday, June 24, 2013

Never count on a 3 year old

Never count on a 3 year old to be anything but unpredictable.

Since Joseph was a baby, I've been looking forward to when he would be old enough to go to VBS at our church. Finally, the week was here! My favorite day of the week has been Wednesdays when Joseph goes to summer camp in the mornings. I love my oldest son, but it is so nice to have a break from him....and have some James and me time. And now it was time for VBS....a whole weeks worth of mornings with James (well, until we head to TN on Wednesday)! Joseph is very social so I wasn't even worried about him not wanting to go.

Never count on a 3 year old.

He got mad because we weren't going to summer camp (the church where he goes to that is just around the corner from our church). Then he didn't  want to go in the church at all. When i got himminside, he wouldn't sit with the 3 year old group. Then he wanted to go home. I would be lying if I said I wasn't more than a little miffed.

Never count on a 3 year old.

Of course, it's tball night for us and he's already saying that he can't go play baseball.  It's looking like it may storm and you know...I'm ok with that.

Needless to say our first day of daddy's work trip to NYC is starting with a bang.

Oh I almost forgot that I went to to run yesterday evening at Granna and papaw's and Joseph wouldn't stay. I had to walk around with him in a stroller instead....bc something is better than nothing. After about a mile, he was ok with going back and I got a little run in.

3 year olds = highly volatile

Friday, June 14, 2013

Choices, choices...

Hi, My name is Julie, and I am addicted to subscription boxes.

It started out simply enough about six months ago when a friend of mine of facebook mentioned Birchbox. I had never heard of it and went to check it out. A box of beauty samples delivered to my door monthly? I love samples. I frequently (or at least I did before Birchbox) shopped on I wouldn't get as excited about my purchases as I did about the free samples. So, since I'm not shopping at Sephora, I'm saving money, right? That's how I see it.

Anyway, it wasn't long after that I discovered Bluum boxes for babies and toddlers. I found a discount code and signed my boys up. I have since stopped the boxes for Joseph since he didn't seem to care about the things that they sent him. I think it was a bit young for him. I have found another that is craft based that I'm trying out.

I also have a couple of subscriptions to food boxes. I just started those and am anxious to check them out.

I also found another beauty box called Ipsy Glam Bag. It includes FULL SIZE products for the same price as Birchbox.

I decided that I need to pare it down. This week, I received both my Birchbox and my Glam Bag. I am comparing them and choosing ONE to continue with. Decisions. Decisions. I thought it was going to be easy to choose Glam Bag, but Birchbox threw me a curve this the form of some fabulous day glow green nail polish.

This month's Birchbox. It included nail polish, SPF moisturizer, face wash/exfoliator, lipstick, and body lotion.

This month's Glam Bag. Gel eyeliner, blush, glitter eye shadow, highlighter pencil, lip liner, and cute little cosmetics bag.
After looking at it though...even with the FANTASTIC nail polish, the scales are leaning heavily toward the Glam Bag. I can't wait to try all my stuff out! Well, I've already tried the nail polish...did I mention yet that I LOVE it?

When my food boxes arrive, I will let you know which one I choose...because I really can only keep one. Even though I would love to subscribe to all the boxes. It just makes me happy to get little packages in the mail.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday update

It seems that I update random stuff on my blog every I'm just going to start calling it the Thursday update...

Where to begin...

My weight loss....after 2 weeks of a big goose egg...I lost a pound this week. I am good with that. As long as the numbers go down, I'm a happy girl. Still sticking to the plan of trying to avoid junk, one cheat meal a week, and replacing lunch or supper with a protein shake. I've gotten used to that and I have to say, it's crazy convenient.

I have my first ever 10K this Saturday. I am excited. It will be a challenge, but knowing that I will definitely PR is an awesome feeling. It's the last race of the Frankfort Trifecta and it will be my first time to complete the series.

We have an interview with a prospective preschool for Joseph next week. I just hope he gets in...I know if he doesn't, it will be on us, the parents, because there is no reason to turn down a 3 year old.

James is crawling all over the place...the bathroom is his favorite room...much to Michael's chagrin. He is also pulling up. We've had to lower his crib mattress so he doesn't tumble out.

I'm excited for the weekend. We are going to see the new superman movie tomorrow, then a 5K and a possible cookout on Saturday, and a cookout on Sunday for Father's Day.

Oh, I got the best surprise yesterday when I got a message from a fellow blogger at from ice cream to marathon asking if I wanted to go see Spirit of the Marathon II. Michael graciously agreed to take care of the boys and off I went. It was such a good time.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Garden update

I guess it's been about a month since we planted our little garden. It's coming along nicely. In past years, I've only really done well with herbs and cherry tomatoes. I feel a little more confident that we will get some good stuff this year. I still have lots of my herbs. They weathered pretty well over the winter and I really only has to buy parsley, cilantro, and dill.

My Hungarian Black Pepper. It's new this year and I'm pretty excited about it.

Flowers....I let Joseph plant the zinnias.

My volunteer buttercrunch lettuce.

Green Beans...I let Joseph plant these too. He planted them all over the yard as well...we have beans everywhere.


Cucumbers. I really thought I lost them when I first put them out, but I think they will be ok.

Early Girl Tomato

I always have volunteer onions...I haven't planted onions since the first year.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Too.Many.Cupcakes & TBall

I suffered this weekend. I suffered from "Too Many Cupcakes" syndrome. It wasn't just cupcakes but also hotdogs...and general unhealthy food. Too much junk, not enough fruit. I crashed at about 8:30 last night and after getting back on track today, feel much better. I wouldn't say that I pigged out or anything, but I guess my body got used to the general healthy stuff I have been eating and rejected the stuff I consumed this weekend. Oh well, it tasted good. I made chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream for a baby shower. I'd post pics, but they weren't my prettiest cupcakes. Dang if they weren't good though.
James at the baby Shower..he had a blast.

Joseph started t ball tonight. I really didn't know what to expect. I hoped for the best though. I mean, we dropped out of Itty Bitty Sports last year, but I blame that on the instructor. She was horrible. We've been trying to get him excited about it. We got him a glove a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to get him to play catch. But, if you know Joseph, you know that he would rather walk through fire than do anything Michael or I want him to do.

Anyway, practice started off ok.....Joseph seemed to like the coach. Then we broke off in parent/child duos to play catch....and Joseph wanted none of it....

He would play catch with the coach, but the coach had to go and coach the other 6 kids. Then Joseph found a complete stranger and started playing catch with them. And then tried to go climb a tree. It's like herding cats....

Anyway, his real shining moment was running bases....he ran bases with everyone. Every time a kid would run the bases, Joseph went too.

I won't was a bit frustrating. I mean, all the other kids had some semblance of least they acted like they liked their parents.

Maybe next's hoping.