Friday, October 14, 2011

The Final Photo Shoot

First of all, you will notice a slight change in the way my blog looks today. I have been getting lots of complaints from people not being able to comment on my posts. It makes me sad not to have any comments and I know it must be frustrating for ya'll too. I do appreciate the people who track me down on facebook to tell me what you were going to comment on here. When I browsed the blogger help section one of the first things to try and fix this issue was to change the template that I was using. So, lets see if that works. 
Joseph and I headed downtown today for our 3rd day of shooting this week. Believe me, he was so over it already. Basically I spent the morning chasing him around downtown. Frankfort seemed a bit busier than usual so I was a nervous wreck trying to keep Joseph out of the street. We started out by the river but Joseph was acting like he was going to run right off the edge so we didn't stay there long. We ended up at the old Capitol building until Joseph tried to dive off of a ledge. In the midst of all the chaos, I did get a few good pics. Then we ate lunch at Buddy's Pizza downtown where Joseph ate my salad and I had a huge slice of pizza. Joseph aspires to be a baby model, but I keep telling him that baby models are fat.....skinny models don't get to be models until they are older.

What you can't tell in this one is that he is "hugging" a big light box in front of the Old Capitol. I cropped it out as best I could because his face was so cute in this pic!
Joseph was dressed a little better before we headed out but I had a flat tire and Michael changed it. Joseph thought he needed to help and got completely filthy. I would not be deterred...I had 2 full batteries. I wasn't about to wait for another day.


  1. That's a fine looking young man. Must take after is father.

  2. I love all the pictures! I just wish I could see yall in person! Aunt Janey

  3. I know I have wanted to comment so many times and couldn't get it to work. Love all the pics!!
    Love, MOM