Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Night Lights

 Before tonight I hadn't been to a high school football game since 2000 (with the exception of my 10 year reunion last year but I don't count that since I didn't watch a bit of the game). Michael's high school is undefeated this season. We've been toying around with going to a game all season, but kept forgetting or something would come up. Tonight was their last home game. It was definitely football weather.....COLD! The school colors are maroon and white and I have lots of that since it's the same as MS State. However, I had it all covered up with my coat. Joseph got to stay with his Granna where it was warm.

It was a less than stellar performance....but when we left in the 3rd quarter they were up 28-6. They just looked rather sloppy. Maybe they were cold. I don't know.

I loved people watching. It was your standard high school game where the whole town pretty much comes out to watch. I also discovered why teenagers are so skinny....they don't wear enough clothes in the cold and just shiver. Best weight loss plan ever.
 I really dug the pink pom poms for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Oh and the kid on the poster there....he's like 6'7". He was at least a head taller than anyone else on the field. The quarter back would just chuck the ball in this kid's general direction. He caught it sometimes. The other team had this guy that couldn't have been much more than 5'. He was fast though. I picked fun at him, but then I thought..."I need to stop...that's probably going to be Joseph."

I took the camera off sport mode and this is what happened.... They are super fast!!

It's just going to be a football weekend. We are going to the UK MSU game tomorrow night. I am REALLY excited....mostly to wear my glitter shoes. I'm going to be all marooned out. I just sooo hope they win. I'm not a good loser.

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