Tuesday, August 28, 2012

James Covey is here!

Well, James finally graced us with his presence last Thursday. He didn't want to....it took getting induced to bring him here, but I'm glad I did because at 4 days late he was 11 lbs 6 oz! No, friends, that is not a typo....and no I didn't have a c section. So much for all those cute newborn  outfits! I have to say that being induced is WAY more painful and I was seriously screaming for my epidural because my contractions were so bad. But after my epidural, I was a pussy cat again.

Joseph started getting sick while we were in the hospital so he has gone to my parents house until he gets well. What little he was around his little brother, I really think he's going to be really good about it. I can't wait for him to get home even though I know that it will makes things even harder.

James is a really good baby though. He has a broken clavicle from delivery but you would never know it. He also came out very bruised but it doesn't seem to bother him. He is a little night owl right now and keeps me up most of the night. I try to take a nap in the morning with him. I just hate sleeping during the day. Otherwise I'm trying to take it easy. I take my pain meds religiously and that has really helped. Well, the little guy is stirring. We will be heading to the orthopedic doctor this afternoon to see about his clavicle. I will try to keep you updated!

Oh and for you who are wondering where the name came from: Covey is my mom's maiden name. I wanted to name a child after my grandfather on moms side but his name was Ralph..and let's face it, not the most modern name for a boy. So I went with the last name instead. James was just a name I liked. It turns out that it was michaels great grandfathers name but I had no idea of that until the other day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fun Day

 We had a pretty fun day today. I had a doctor's appointment this morning...which was not part of the fun. Joseph was pretty good though so after we were done there, we headed to the Newport Aquarium. I figure that it was probably the last outing we will have with just the 2 of us for a while. He had a blast and mostly just wanted to look at the sharks over and over and over and over....you get the picture.

Other than that, my doctor did tell me that my induction date will probably be the 23rd if I haven't had James by then. It's always good to have an end date. 

Anyway, time to watch some Olympics. I love watching them, but I do get irritated by how many commercial breaks there are....and I stay up way too late.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

James' Room - The Frankfort Edition

 Hi long lost friends!! It has been A WHILE! So sorry, but don't get your hopes up....I don't know that I am back fully yet, but I REALLY wanted to show y'all James' room that we fixed up here at the house. I painted the mural and stuff at my parents' house which is soon to be our house. When we will fully move, I don't know, but I wasn't going to paint a mural here when we would probably be moving in the next year (or 2 years). I repainted this room last year anyway when it was our office/fitness room and it still went with the bedding, etc that I wanted. So, here is a little tour of the newest nursery.

The bookshelf. I got the idea off Pinterest of course. I bought a cheapo $15 bookshelf and mod podged fabric to the back of it and then Michael spray painted it yellow.

 The name plate. I painted the letters and attached them to a small board. I found the ornaments at Hobby Lobby and they were pre painted. I attached them with ribbon to the back of the board with hot glue (of all things). I used eyelet screws to attach the hanging ribbon and hung it on a nail.

 I am proudest of the mobile. I think all total, I have maybe $2.50 in supplies in it. The main structure is an embrodery hoop that my mom got at a yardsale. Michael cut it in half which left me with 4 arcs. I only needed 3. The balls are just wooden 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 inch balls that I got at Michael's. The ornaments are made out of felt. I just kind of cut my own pattern. There is a moon, a saturn like planet, a space ship, a star, a sun, and an alien in a space ship. They are filled with some poly fill and hand stitched closed. I started working on this quite a while ago!! Everything is connected with good old fishing line and it is hung from a hook on the ceiling. It will be easy to move it up as James starts being able to pull up and sit up.

Another view of the bookshelf

We got the swing out of the storage building and next thing we knew, Joseph was in it swinging for all he was worth! Luckily, he still isn't over the weight limit. 

Other than that, I finally pre registered for the hospital and got my bag packed. The due date is 2 weeks from Sunday and as miserable as I am, he can wait until then. I'm in no hurry.

I will try to post pics of the mural I painted in what I am calling the "official nursery" soon.