Monday, March 3, 2014


Long time no blogging. Honestly, I hate blogging from my iPad and our laptop is painfully slow and the screen is all jacked up. Michael and I toyed around with buying a new laptop, but then we decided that we do have a perfectly good Mac Mini that was hooked to our living room tv. We rarely used it. I didn't like sitting on the couch and blogging with the tiny wireless keyboard while looking at the huge screen....Im just picky....

Anyway, we got a little 19" tv to use as a monitor and set me up a little computer area in James's room....which is now Joseph's room. Yes, we switched their rooms in the process. Joseph LOVES his new bigger room. They are playing fairly peacefully now while I type.

So, where to begin....

This winter is about to kill me. I hate it. I hate snow. I hate ice. I generally hate cold. I don't find snow days fun. I don't want to sled. I have managed to get some runs in. However, I started having some weird lower leg pain last week. My trainer urged me to see my doctor...who I hate (the doctor, not my trainer...she's fabulous). So I went to the doc and he said it was just muscle strain and to take a week off from running and doing anything that aggravates it. That was easy to do since I came down with a stomach bug this weekend and couldn't do much of anything. Seriously, I wanted to die. I still don't believe that it's just muscle strain....but I hope I'm wrong as that is the easiest fix.

The boys are good. Life is crazy. I try to stay busy.....sometimes too busy. I will attempt a couple of miles running tomorrow...hoping to be pain free.

It's good to be back. I look forward to blogging more. I will be getting my pics all organized soon so I can post with pictures. Time to put the wee one down for nap!