Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chasing Black Cats

I ran the Black Cat Chase 5K route tonight. The race is 24 days away. I have been meaning to run the route for a couple of weeks now but I actually did it tonight. I didn't have very high expectations. It's a challenging run with a steady uphill climb that lasts almost a full mile up to and around the Capitol. I was very excited to actually run all the way up to the Capitol and then pushed it to keep running all the way around it and then since it was a big downhill run from there, I decided to at least keep it up to the bottom of the hill. Well, I got a massive stitch in my side about a tenth of a mile from my goal stopping point and had to stop. I couldn't push through it...it was a bad one. I did start running again shortly after and didn't stop again until the end. My baseline time was 39:14 with having to stop for traffic and crossing the road a lot of time which I won't have to do during the race. I'm happy with that. Now to improve!!

In other news, I went to MOPS this morning and made Bernice's Orange Raisin Muffins. I honestly didn't think they were going to turn out and was already planning on going and getting donuts on the way, but they were great!

I finished my new harvest/halloween decor and will post pics as soon as my cross stitch is done. It will be in one of my displays.

Well, I had better get this posted. I picked up Transformers on the way home and we're about to watch it. Aren't you glad I'm in a better mood? :)

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