Thursday, September 29, 2011

What I'm Working On - 9-29-11

I've been moving along nicely on my cross stitch. I've been working on it about an hour a day during Joseph's naps. I'm on back stitching now and this one doesn't have a whole lot of backstitching so I should have it done by next week. Then I will have to frame it and and get my Halloween decor together.

It's been a good week here so far. Joseph started his second month of gymnastics today. He's really made a lot of progress. He still won't sit still and "stretch" before class. He runs around like maniac instead. I used to hold him down but he would just scream and that was more disruptive than him running around. He did sit down in the circle for a minute or 2 today so that was progress. We had a busy morning today.....gymnastics, paying car taxes/renewing registration, had the car washed, went to the bank and to the grocery for the 2nd day in a row. I forgot to get the stuff to make Michael's birthday cake when I went yesterday...his birthday is tomorrow. We finished the morning getting a happy meal at McDonalds. Joseph then poured his bbq sauce in his Hi-C and then dipped his nuggets in that. Maybe he's a culinary genius, but it just sounds gross. Yesterday he put all his mac and cheese in his apple juice and then ate his noodles one by one. Weirdo. But as long as he eats, I'm happy.

We are going to Tennessee to visit my parents this weekend. We haven't been down since the end of July. That's a LONG time for me. I know my parents are going to be floored when they see how much Joseph has changed and how much more he can do now.

I have a goal of blogging every day during the month of October. So you will all be hearing from me more often very soon.

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