Sunday, August 14, 2011

What a Weekend!!

Such a handsome little man

Playing drums at the reception.
The drummer was great...he even gave Joseph a pair of his old drumsticks!

I'm tired. I stayed out way too late last night. My brother in law got married yesterday and Michael ended up taking Joseph home and I got to stay at the reception until they made us leave. :) It was fun to get to stay out. I never get to do that anymore.

As I had feared, the wedding part of the day was a nightmare....well, maybe it wasn't THAT bad. The lady that was in charge at the church was really rude about Joseph running around. I don't think she liked kids. I sat with Joseph in the back pew because I knew we would have to leave at some point but I wanted to see SOME of the wedding. Well, Joseph didn't want to stay in the pew so he started crying. He would have settled down once he realized that he had to stay but I didn't get a chance for that since rude lady kept coming back there and shushing him. I got pretty mad about it and just left. They had a little courtyard right by the church so we stayed out there and he ran around. Then it started storming, so we went back in the church (but not back in the sanctuary). I had worn my fantastic Gucci heels and let's just say I should have worn my running shoes. The wedding was finally over after about an hour and we headed to the reception. Joseph had a great time hanging with the band and dancing to their music. He even played the keyboard and the drums. I was glad that they were good sports. :)

Anyway, I will be glad for tomorrow to get here so that we can get back into a normal routine again and I can get some rest. Joseph is not digging going to bed at his normal time tonight. He's letting us know just how he feels about it right now.

I hope you all had a great weekend! I will probably be heading to bed once Joseph decides to quieten down.

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