Friday, August 26, 2011

St. Louis Trip

*I apologize for the lack of posts!! As you will read from this post, we were in St. Louis for a few days. I have been trying to post this blog entry since the night we got back but Blogger has been mean and hasn't been letting me upload pics. A blog entry without pics is just blah! So, the pics are all out of order, but they are there...finally!!*

We spent three days in St. Louis this week. I had bought Michael tickets for Wednesday's Cardinals game for our anniversary. It was a great trip, but I learned something....traveling with a toddler is HARD! Especially a toddler like Joseph. He really did very well, but he just won't sleep anywhere except his crib at home really. He did sleep pretty well at night in our bed but would only go to sleep when we did. He would not sleep in his stroller and wouldn't sleep more than an hour or so in his car seat. Needless to say, he got a lot less sleep than usual. I would see all these kids konked out in their strollers and all these kids sleeping at the baseball game. Not our son. He's here to party.

But we had a really good time regardless. We stayed in a hotel that was right by the arch and only 2 blocks from Busch stadium. The first day we went to the arch and went up in it and then went to eat at the Historic Brewhouse. Michael really wanted to go to the game that evening so we went over to Busch stadium to see if we could get some cheap tickets. We succeeded and went to the game. The Dodgers pummeled the Cards. It was brutal. We left after the 5th inning since Joseph was getting REALLY tired. I think the score ended up being 11-0.

Wednesday morning we walked around downtown after breakfast. I had forgotten Joseph's toothpaste and was on a mission to get some was unsuccessful but I did discover an awesome grocery store: Culinaria. We had lunch at Joe Buck's. I am always scared to try pulled pork since I'm pretty picky about it. Well, I decided to be brave and get it since it was their specialty. It was delicious. Joseph ended up eating a good bit of mine though. :) After lunch we were off to the game. We sat in the Redbird club and it was awesome!! Cards still lost though..but not as bad...9 to 4, I think.

Wednesday night was pretty rough. Joseph got a head cold and had trouble breathing which kept us up most of the night. Thursday morning we headed to the St. Louis Zoo. Joseph liked the Chimps and the Hippos the best it seemed. He mooed at the rhino. He LOVED the carousel and cried when he had to get off.

After the zoo, Joseph was asleep before we ever got out of the parking lot. So our plan of stopping for pizza was out. We headed on toward Kentucky.

I look forward to going back next year hopefully. I really liked St. Louis and there was a ton of stuff for kids to do...even kids as young as Joseph. But always....I need a vacation from my vacation!!

Here are some of my favorite pics from the trip:

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