Monday, June 14, 2010


Meet Pumpkin (no aliases...just Pumpkin): Pumpkin's origin is not known. It is thought that she rode under Michael's stepbrother's car from Lexington to Monterey where Michael's dad and stepmom live. Michael's stepmom is the cat lady of Monterey so she took Pumpkin in. Michael really took a liking to this orange cat and when he bought a house, he brought her to live with him. This was in May 2005. Daysie was none too happy with this arrangement as she was splitting her time between Michael's house and my apartment at the time. Poor Pumpkin was limited to the back of the house when Daysie was around. Finally they began to get along. It wasn't long after Pumpkin came to live with us that we discovered that she was pregnant. A month later, she had 6 kittens. We found homes for all these little bundles and then Pumpkin got fixed. :)

Pumpkin is your typical cat. She is very independent. There are days when I don't even know that she is in the house. She hates the dog. She likes getting petted...but you better pet her how she likes or she will bite you! She LOVES tuna and will always come in the kitchen for some when I'm fixing it, but generally stays out of the kitchen at other times. She will also tear open a package of beef jerky if left out. Learned that one the hard way....and that was one pricey cat treat!

Pumpkin resides in the high spots such as the back of the couch:
"I can keep an eye on the fluffy one from up here..."

She loves all things furry and psychodelic such as my slippers:

She can often be found cozied up in a blanket:
"It's cozy in here....what of it?"

She loves to go outside, but will run like the she has to be leashed...she loves this..or not:
"I'm so embarrassed!"

She has been known to also wear the chicken hat:
Actually, I just made her wear it because she laughed at Daysie.

As you can see the two of them get along ok sometimes:
"Oh no...we've been caught on camera!"

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