Friday, June 11, 2010


Meet Daysie (aka Puppy, The Poop, Poop Stink): Daysie was born on my parent's farm in the lambing barn in Spring 2003. She came to live with me in Mississippi in June 2003. It's a good thing she did...she would have never made it as a barn cat. Look at all that fluffiness.... Now, Daysie is not your normal cat...she comes when you call her and she used to fetch (hence the nickname "Puppy"). There are many other qualities that make her stand out which we will get in to later. Daysie is a well traveled cat. She would ride with me in the car back and forth to my parents' once a month while I was in college. She is great riding in the long as the trip isn't longer than 4 1/2 hours....then she gets antsy....and poops on your pillow (if a pillow is available). She has moved with me 4 times and has survived the addition of another cat, a dog, and a baby (she actually adapted best to the baby).

Here's what you need to know about Daysie: She loves loves loves Sparkly things...she covets them:

"My Precious..."

She absolutely LOVES taking pictures with me:
"I'll Kill You, Woman!"

She likes to wear ribbons and bows and pretty much anything if you tell her she looks pretty:
"I look pretty all the time..."

But no amount of telling her she looks pretty will get her to be happy wearing the chicken hat:
"I'll Kill You, WOMAN!" Daysie is kinda violent...

She loves my closet and has been locked in many times:
"Would this dress make me look fat?"

She desperately wants to wear shoes:
"I would like these in a size 1, please..."

She is a very good research/thesis writing buddy:
"Can we take a break now, please?"

She loves going outside, although she rarely gets to since she requires constant supervision. She also loves to eat grass, but never throws it up. She must be part cow.
"Mmmmm..Fescue is my favorite."

She likes to work out:
"I'm feeling the burn."

Her very best friend is a baseball..:
"I do not know of this baseball you speak of..."

And she really REALLY loves tummy rubs:
"This is NIIIICE!"

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  1. So hard to believe that darn cat was born in our barn. She's come a long way, baby!