Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I'm Workin On - September 1st, 2010

Can you believe that it is September already!? I can't! Where does the time go? Well, here's the cross stitch this week:
If I can find enough time, I should have it finished this week. I don't want to speak too soon though....

Here's my bargain shopping this week:
Total: $1.11 tax and all! I was actually slightly ahead but then I saw the Watermelon Kleenex on the clearance isle and HAD TO HAVE IT! If you really know me, you know I have a thing for watermelon stuff (not eating's ok, but I don't LOVE it)! My kitchen used to be all it is just the essence of watermelon (reds and greens) with a few watermelon accents like a piggy bank, salt shakers, etc. I got all this stuff at Rite Aid....they had some crazy deals this week!

Joseph didn't START rolling and scooting this week...he could do that for a little bit, but he's now able to really get a move on using those 2 skills. I put him down in one place and turn around and he's halfway across the room! This time I had put him on the living room floor with some toys and I went to fix supper. I turned around.....
and there he was! It won't be long until he's all over the place!

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