Friday, September 17, 2010

My Most Used Cookbook (Momma shield your eyes!)

I'm an EXTREMELY messy cook. If there is flour involved, you'd better believe it is all over me and all over the kitchen. It drives Michael crazy, but that's just the way I am. I'm the one who has to clean up after it, so if it's ok with me, it's just ok.

Friday night is pizza night at our house and I only use one pizza crust recipe and that is my mom's. (I modify it by subbing in whole wheat flour for some of the regular flour to keep it legal for my diet.) It is in our family cookbook which I love and treasure. I don't even have to search for the pizza crust book just falls open there every time. Now, the following picture is not for the faint of heart....especially if you are on my mom's side of the family and know and love this cookbook:

I told you I'm a messy cook! I think mom's pancake recipe in this book is about in the same shape! I'm strongly thinking about cooking and blogging my way through this cookbook next year, but I haven't decided fully on that yet. Of course that will depend of if I can even read the recipes anymore...I kid I kid! :) They are all perfectly readable.

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  1. Ha! Ha! I had to look :-) I think it is great that you love this cookbook so much..