Friday, September 10, 2010


I began working on my latest cross stitch project on June 28th and I finished it yesterday morning. Here it is:I was originally going to give it away as I do most all my projects, but I'm seeing a place for this one front and center in my Christmas display in my living room this year! I love it....and that is AFTER I did 31 french knots....I hate french knots....have I told you that yet?

My next project is a gift for someone who reads this blog, so I won't be showing it. However, it's not long until Christmas so I will be hitting my projects hot and heavy from here on out. I should have a few that I can share. :) I also want to do a Halloween cross stitch. I think it may be next after I finish the one I started today. The next few I am wanting to do are not nearly as extensive as this last one.

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