Thursday, September 2, 2010

8 Week Challenge - Half Way Point

So my week 4 weigh in was this morning. I'm still coming down slowly, but it was kinda frustrating that I didn't lose any inches except for my hips in the past 2 weeks. :( But, My body weight and body fat are coming down, so that's good. The biggest change I've seen is in how I feel and how I manage stressful days. I find even when I've got five million things going on and Joseph is being fussy and/or not napping that I don't get as frazzled. I've got tons more energy and it's so nice to have something to do outside of the house most every day. Maybe it's just because I know I'm doing something about my weight, but I don't see a fat blob every time I look in the mirror anymore. I'm starting to see my old's slowly becoming unburied!

So here's how I've measured up in the past 4 weeks:
Weight: -4 lbs
Waist: -2 in
Hips: -2 1/4 in
Thigh: -1/2 in
Bicep: -1/4 in
Body fat: -0.6% (which using my mad math skills means I've lost 2.6 lbs of fat!)

I have a 5K next Friday. I'm trying to find a jogging stroller that I can borrow so that I can run at least some of it. Michael is wanting to run it too so I'll be on baby duty!

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