Thursday, July 15, 2010

What I'm Working On - 7/15/10

I know I'm a day late posting my "What I'm Working On" Update. I spent the past few days in TN at my parents' house. It was fabulous and I'm so glad that my mom and dad got to spend so much time with Joseph. Since I don't have nearly as many resposibilities when I'm there, I got quite a bit of cross stitching done: I bet you can kinda tell what it is now!

I finished Ya-Yas in Bloom. LOVED IT! Mom had bought me this book at a yard sale:
I like a lot of Janet Evanovich's work. This was no exception, but, like a lot of her stuff, it had me rolling my eyes from time to time. It was a quick little read.
I started this book yesterday:
I remember buying this book in college, but I can't remember if I really liked it or even read it through all the way. It is seperated into 4 novellas. So far it is very "Sex and the City"-esque, thus I am enjoying it immensely.

The munchkin has started grabbing his feet this week:
Michael has been out of town for work and hasn't seen him do this yet. Joseph has been so good about starting new things on weekends when Michael can witness them, but this time I was in TN when it happened. Michael should get home today, and since it's been almost a week since he's seen Joseph, I bet he won't want to take him eyes off of him. Babies change so quickly!

He has also started putting EVERYTHING in his mouth:
Teething maybe? The way he bites on things makes me think he is. Oh my, I'm not looking forward to teething. Don't ask me why, but it terrifies me.
Anyway, although I really enjoyed being back home for almost a week, it'll be nice to get back into my normal routine and see my husband again!

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