Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kitty Litter Fiasco 2010

This is the culprit...."World's Best Cat Litter." It was free after rebate and with my new found money saving craze, how could I go wrong. Free cat litter? Sign me up! We do have an automatic litter box so I do have to be careful about litter but it said right on their website that it was highly recommended for self-cleaning litter boxes. Great. So, I buy a bag. After a little transistioning, I WAS noticing that the litter stayed cleaner....it was definitely smellier and my cat (who is a hussy anyway) pooped outside the box a couple times. No big deal. So, we go out of town for a few days. I came home to a very smelly back room. So, I went back to the old litter, but the smell was still there. I washed the mat that was under the litter box...not much help. Michael starting finding items that they had peed on....first the manual for the treadmill...then a suitcase. Hooches. So, we cleaned out the room to clean the carpet. Probably should have just ripped the carpet up and put down laminate like we've been talking about, but it was Sunday and we are going out of town next weekend and it's hard to get all this done around Joseph's schedule. So anyway, the good thing is that we got to get the office/gym cleaned out:

The bad news is all the crap that was in there is now in the bedroom:

We did clear a path to get into bed since we have so much to go through and get organized, it's gonna take a while to get everything back where it should be. I started on the closet in the office this morning. Why not since we are cleaning everything else out....but have you ever tried to clean out a closet while trying not to wake a baby from his nap? I got all the "quiet" stuff done, now waiting on him to wake up and have an independent play moment to finish.

All this because of "Free" kitty litter.....

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