Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal Pt 2

This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes: Dressing (That's right, I said Dressing...it's not STUFFING....it's not STUFFED into anything and it's way more fabulous than any chunky bread dish!) I got this recipe from mom...don't know where she got it.

Dressing Recipe

1 recipe of biscuits (I just use the biscuit recipe on the back of the self-rising flour)

1 recipe of cornbread (again, right off the cornmeal mix bag)

1 1/2 stalks of celery (this is what I use, but I don't like celery that much, so feel free to put more in), chopped

1/2 onion (I probably used less, but Michael hates overpowering onion taste), chopped

Dried sage (add it until it smells like dressing....I don't really know how much I put in. Probably not over 1 tsp)

1 stick of butter

2 eggs

1 to 2 cans of chicken broth

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper
Melt the butter in a small skillet over medium heat.

Chop the onion and celery.

Add to the melted butter and cook until the onions are all soft and stuff...Meanwhile...

Put the biscuits and cornbread in a LARGE bowl.

Crumble the bread until it's pretty fine...I used my hands. Don't worry, I washed them...I think :)

Add the eggs and ONE can of chicken broth. Stir.

Add Sage. I just add it until the dressing smells all nice and Thanksgiving-y. Try that....if it smells good, it should taste good. Sage tastes very much like it smells.

Dump in the onions and celery.

Stir. Now, the consistency should be wet but not watery. Now is the time to add more chicken broth if necessary. I added about a 1/2 of a can.

Spread into a 9x13 dish and bake at 350 F for 30-40 minutes. Again, I don't have a finished product picture. I was in a hurry, Sorry! But it looks much like this, just golden. I have to say this batch of dressing was the best I've ever made.

So, next time you have a special meal, consider dressing...and feel a little bit more Southern. It was the "Southernism" of the Month in Southern Living Magazine a month ago....

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