Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crafty Christmas Gifts!

There is something really special and great that comes from working with Grad Students. You see, grad students don't make much money, so when it comes time for Christmas, they get creative! This year, they really outdid themselves! Check out this clutch that Annie Bananie made for me: LOVES IT!
Look at the embroidery!

And the NEAT little stitches in the lining. I think she should give up this science thing and go into the boutique business! As for me...I must learn how to knit.....

Then, Sarah K gave me this AWESOME retro styled apron....

Check out the rick rack...

And the awesomeness that is the pocket!

Charlotta not only made the earrings below but also made a little oragami (I don't know how to spell that) box for them...
So precious!

The next one is something my mom made.....no she isn't a grad student, but I swear that woman can paint a santa on anything:
Yep, that's a rock....from the driveway.... She made them into charms and I put some ribbon on it to make the most awesome Christmas necklace of all time!!!!
I love crafty people!

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  1. You really have some crafty friends. That clutch was an awesome piece of work. Such fine handwork. And the apron was so cute and the earrings so pretty!