Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Big Game!!!

To say that I'm a Football fan is a bit of an understatement. I love SEC football (really couldn't care less about other conferences...) and I am a rabid UT and Mississippi State Fan. It was lucky this year that both of my teams came to Lexington to play and I got tickets to both. I thank the lucky stars that my teams won both. I also learned that UK fans are the rudest fans that I have encountered. I still don't understand that. I also learned that they HATE UT...way more then we hate them. Bless Michael's heart, he's a UK fan....but he will tell you that he isn't all rabid like me. He's a normal, down to earth, UK fan who understands that UK just falls in the "loser" category Hee Hee, had to put that in there, sorry UK fans but my boss talked about this yesterday and I just loved how he said that "UK were just losers....they could play weak schedules and make themselves think they are winners, but in the end, they just fall in the loser category, but UT even when they aren't that good, well, they're still winners and it's just hard to beat a winner when deep down, you're a loser."

However, I don't think I've ever been more stressed out then I was Saturday night. You see, I was 3 the last time UK beat UT....and it wouldn't be so bad but I live with a UK fan. We're disfunctional, you see. I was very excited that State beat That School Up North in the Egg Bowl this year...not just beat them, whooped them. It was a thing of beauty.....but anyway, back to the stress at hand....I just knew that if there was a year that UK could beat UT, this was it. UT was all injured and they didn't look that hot against Vandy while UK looked pretty nice against UGA the weekend before. I had all week to get worked up for it. Plus, I work at UK, so people had been talking crap to me for a while about this game.

Greetings from section 202 row 36, yep we were WAY up there. My eyes look funny....probably because I thought I might vomit at any second. It was also freaking COLD!

The only pic I took during the game.....it wasn't going so well for UT most of the way, so I didn't think I wanted pics to remember the game by.

But in the end, UT won in overtime (I HATE overtime, it stresses me out)...I wonder what "kind words" are being exchanged down there......

The scoreboard. Thank goodness. I was thinking I was going to have to go underground. Yes, I am a bit dramatic, but I'm a UT fan, so it works. :) Don't worry, I didn't taunt Michael, I wouldn't have wanted him to do that to me....and I didn't think we played well enough to talk too much smack about. I'm just glad it's over.....until next year!

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