Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Decorating!

So at least I made it until Thanksgiving night to put the tree up.... I still think the funniest thing was that we put out the outside lights the weekend before, but I said I didn't want them to be turned on until after Thanksgiving. Well, on the way home from Thanksgiving #2, Michael piped up and said he was going home to turn on "HIS" Christmas lights..that he wasn't waiting any longer. I had no idea he felt so strongly. Our tree.

My random ornament of the year award. I like my sister got this for me. I put it on first this year. I don't know, I just like it. Maybe because I feel a bit like a hippo lately.

The ornament representing my first ever research animal. Mom made it for me. She's so craftsy.

Daysie, Pumpkin, and Shelby ornaments...

I realized I don't have an ornament for my horse, Spice. I guess this can be it for now. She looks like Secretariat...not when he was racing, when he was older and chubbier. She's a BIT slower then him. As you can imagine, I have LOTS of horse ornaments.

Michael loves the Empire State Building and basically anything New York.

I just love Hippos, evidently. No, I really do love this song though...I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas....

The ornament Michael and I bought at Disney World on our honeymoon.

We have lots of sports team ornaments representing UT and State for me and UK and STL Cardinals for Michael. All made by mom. I'm telling ya, Craftsy!

One of Michael's faves. I think Aunt Marty got this for him last year. It suits him. He's both monkey-like and greasy!

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like a big block chevy engine.

Also lots of Superman ornaments. I try to keep both of us represented on the tree!

And of course, we have a few 70 Chevelle SS car ornaments.

And this "Ornament" will be camped out here until I push her out with presents.

The decorated shelves and stockings...

The end table on Michael's side (this is after I moved his Mountain Dew, I told him there was nothing festive about a mountain dew).

The end table on my side....my snowman table.

The great thing is that now that we know that my Christmas stuff only takes up half of the loft in the "barn", I can buy more!! Woo Hoo!! :)

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