Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas, Spice!

I went out to the barn yesterday to give my horse, Spice, her Christmas gift and her stocking. Yes....my horse has a stocking: I'm sure it will be nice and dirty when I get it after Christmas.
I bought Spice a new leather halter. It's so sweet! It has five million adjustments and padding and the leather is sooo soft. I asked her to model it:
Now, Spice, you know that a "full on" pose is not your best.....you'll never make "America's Next Top Equine Model" with that pose.

Ok, that's a little better, but maybe a little more profile.....and try to "smile with your eyes" more....

OK, nice.....nice....the eyes are a little crazy, but work it!

Very Nice....

OK, I guess you're done with the photos.

OK, I'll stop now. I guess you're ready to get back to your hay.

This is what Michael does at the barn:
Yes, that would be a coat full of kittens....

Mutual benefit: Kittens stay warm...Michael stays warm....

This is what Shelby does:

Look at those beagle ears!

"Finally!!! Back to my hay eating!!" Spice...you know top Equine Models don't eat....


  1. Uptown Spice!! My, my real leather. But I swear in some of those pics she was making whale eyes:).