Monday, May 20, 2013

Running: Chapter 2

The second chapter of my running life is a fairly short one.

I started running again in January of 2009. I trained hard. I was running 30 miles a week by June and ran a few 5Ks that spring. Nothing earth shattering , but I had some decent times (for me) . I was still all about the distance, not the speed really.  However, at the Buffalo Chase 5K that July 4th, I was poised to shatter my best time of 34:08. I was at 21 minutes at 2 miles. But about a quarter of a mile after the 2 mile marker, I had a piercing pain in my right hip. I pulled up and then decided to run it out. It wouldn't stop...only got worse. So I walked the rest of the way off and on. By the time I got to the car, I could barely move. I went to the doctor the next week and when they took me into X-ray, they asked the customary, "could you be pregnant." Well, we had been trying so I couldn't say no. They sent me home to take a pregnancy test. Told me it was probably a pulled hip flexor and to take Tylenol. That was when I found out I was pregnant with Joseph. I then had to go through a couple of months of physical therapy. My ligaments had gone all wonky with being pregnant according to the therapist. My pelvis had slipped and all kinds of craziness.  So by the time I was cleared to run, I was into my 2nd trimester and since I had done no running for 2 months, I stuck to walking.  That ends the second chapter...after broken ankle, before Joseph.

I went from this

To this in the matter of a week...crutches again.

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