Monday, May 20, 2013

Pulling my hair out

I'm going to get back to my running story for those that care, but I wanted to write about something else this morning. It's a parenting post.

I can remember having bad days before I had kids. I can remember being ready for a day to be over with from time to time.  BUT, nothing compares to now. Michael has been out of town for over a week now. Overall, it hasnt been too bad. It's been hard and we've been really busy. However, there have been 2 VERY trying days, and yesterday was one of them. Sundays, as a rule, are pretty rough...even when Michael is here. Trying to get 2 kids fed, dressed, and a nap in for one all while trying not to be late for church. I love our church and I love going, but it's just not as breezy to get out the door as it used to be. So yesterday, I was flying solo, getting the kiddos dressed, etc. Things actually went fairly well. Until time to go. Joseph decided he didn't want to go to church. Well, I finally got everyone in the car. When we were walking to church, Joseph again decided he didn't want to go and sat down in the sidewalk. I was already carrying James and my feet hurt from my one day a week heels, so I didnt feel like chasing him down. Luckily a nice lady from church walked up to him and asked if he would show her were the church was. he obliged...because he's nice to strangers like that. I did finally get to the nursery where James started crying. He's at that stage where he doesnt want me to leave him. The church servive was a good one, as always. Then I went to go get the kids. Joseph, of course, wanted to get rice and beans for lunch. I don't like taking them by myself, but we do go every Sunday. Well, I should have just dealt with the wrath of Joseph from not getting his weekly Mexican. He was as bad as he's ever been in a restaurant. At one point, he took his shoes off and threw them on the table, where they landed in the salsa. Usually, I have a plan of attack when it comes to Joseph, but yssterday, I had nothing. And he knew it. And he took complete advanage of it.

When we got home after the longest lunch ever, it was one thing after anothe. And no punishment worked. Add that to James only napping for 20 minutes, and things got really hairy. I could not wait for bedtime.

My children are precious.

My children are beautiful.

My children make me pull my hair out.

Here's hoping that today is a better day. Don't know that I can take another one like yesterday. Only 2 more sleeps until Michael gets home.

It's not shaping up to be a great day though....Joseph has been up 15 minutes and I've had to get on to him 3 times. Yay.

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