Sunday, May 5, 2013

Derby Dash

I love the Kentucky Derby. One day, I will go. It's definitely on my bucket list. I almost went a few years ago but it was cold and rainy and I really didn't feel like paying $$$ to be cold and muddy in the infield. But one day....when we can afford to go watch from somewhere other than the infield.

But we have taken part in the Derby Festival downtown the past couple years. They have a race called the Derby Dash which is free for the kids to do. This was Joseph's second time to run in it and he has yet to complete the 1/4 mile distance. It's really cute though. I think it's funny that all I've wanted since I've been racing is to get a medal and Joseph has 2.  It starting raining a little after the race and we headed on home. But I kept with the derby spirit and made hot browns for supper and derby pie for dessert. I even had a couple of mint juleps. Yum! Of course, I watched the derby while listening to Joseph whining about something that wasn't going his way and James fussing because I wasn't getting the spoon to his mouth fast enough. Ahh the glamorous life of a mom.

I had my own run today. It was the Fondant 5K...I've decided that I am only running in races named after sweets...the Funnel Cake 5K is next month and the Thin Mint Sprint later this year. Anyway, it was a lovely day for a run....49 and raining. Yay. I was determined to do it anyway. It was at the Keeneland Race Track in Lexington. I recorded my fastest ever 5K time there a few years ago so I was pretty stoked to revisit it. Needless to say, it wasn't the same course...this one was hill-ly. My legs still ache. And the cold rain blasting me in the face wasn't very nice either.  But I'm glad Michael was there to time me with his phone because they had no timers set up....not even at the finish line. And no race bibs to know where you placed. At least there were cupcakes and ice cream at the finish. But next year, I think I'll just go buy my cupcake. I guess I can mark "Run a 5K in the pouring rain" off my list. I'm not telling my time..,it was painfully slow. Must.get.faster.

Bed calls...hopefully James will let me get some sleep tonight. Michael is out of town at least tomorrow night so I will need my energy.


  1. Going to the derby someday is on my bucket list too! So funny that your races are named after sweets. Love that! That's strange that the race didn't have timers or bibs or anything. Good for you for doing it in that nasty weather!

    1. BTW, it's so nice to meet you! I'm glad Karen 'introduced' us! :)