Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Running Life: Chapter one

I hated running when I played basketball. Hates it. Swore that I would never run again once I stopped playing. I stayed good to that promise until Spring 2006 when I was in grad school at UK. I saw a girl running on campus. She was not particularly fast or runner-like. I suddenly thought, "I could do that. I'm going to start running." I went home and told Michael of my plan and he was probably like, "that's all you." But he did take up running with me. I started slow...on a treadmill...which I was really discouraging, I saw a brochure for a 5K at Buffalo Trace on July 4th and suddenly I had a goal. That was all I needed. I ran that 5K with Michael...the naturally athletic my side pushing me along. It was actually one of my better 5K finishes. I became addicted to 5Ks and ran a few more over the next couple years. My training was fairly lax and I didn't improve a whole lot...I did log my fastest 5K time at 34:08 that first summer, I gained more endurance, but my speed slowed.

In 2008, I had registered for my first race of the season, the Shamrock Shuffle 3K. The Tuesday before the race, I slipped on some ice in the parking lot at work and broke my ankle in 2 places. Needless to say, I did not run in the 3K. That ended what I call the first chapter of my running life...the time before I broke my ankle. I haven't been the same since. Michael and I were getting married that may and we had both been working out like fiends to look good for the day. I feel like I would have had a great running year if I had just stayed healthy.

I had surgery on my ankle and was still wearing my boot at the wedding. Good times. I didn't got back to work until after July 4th. I tried to start running not long after that, but it just hurt too much.

Bridal shower with my lovely cast

Bachelorette party was super crazy...not really...hard to go clubbing with crutches

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