Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Word

Maybe she's been planning it in her little cat brain for the past 11 months and that's why she has implanted herself in every piece of baby stuff in the house. I don't know if she's that sharp, but Joseph said his first word (besides ma ma and da da) and it was "Daysie." He was patting on her and saying "Daysss" over and over. Michael witnessed it too so it wasn't just in my head. I haven't gotten him to say it again though. It wasn't a far fetched first though since he is very proficient in d's and s's.

Other than that, it hasn't been a great week in our household. I started getting sick last Sunday with chest congestion. I felt some better on Monday and went to work out....which was not a good call. I felt REALLY bad on Tuesday and Wednesday with a terrible cough. I lost my voice on Thursday but felt some better. I felt even better on Friday but my voice kept coming and going. Actually the real reason I felt better on Thurs and Fri was because I was taking decongestants, etc. Then I started feeling like my milk production was going to poo. Turns out decongestants dry you up in more ways than one. So, no more of that. :( Well, I've been back to feeling pretty bad this weekend so I will be calling the doctor first thing in the AM. I still have no voice, my throat is swollen to the point where I can hardly swallow and is crazy sore, and I've still got a pretty rough cough. Today also kicked off the summer weight loss challenge at my gym and I joined in. The food thing is going to be pretty rough since all I want to eat are milkshakes. Working out is going to be challenging too since you really need to be able to breathe. Hopefully my doctor will be able to help me get some relief. I'm just so glad that Joseph hasn't gotten it and that Michael only seems to have a mild cough. Of course, Joseph is probably who gave this to me....the little germ incubator. His immune system is way better than mine. Michael and I have agreed that we really need to start taking better care of ourselves to better fend this stuff off.

Of course, taking care of yourself requires energy....something I have little of at the moment. At least I haven't been missing any great weather as it has been raining or cold all week.

All I know is that I've got to get better..this no talking stuff is for the birds. Have you met me?

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  1. That is too cute that he said Daysie!! You're right, she's been plotting this from the beginning! Hope you feel better soon!