Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joseph just loves his Shelby. Shelby...not so much...unless Joseph is eating. Then he LOVES Joseph because Joseph loves to share his food.

Anyway...I made these today. All I can say is GOODNESS!! I am usually immune to rich foods. People will be like..."this is sooo rich, I can't eat much." And I'm all like, "I could eat the whole thing!" But these, these are rich. I finished icing them right after Michael got home and couldn't wait to try them. I had made them for him as a Valentine's treat. Well, we shared one. I don't know if it's because I grazed while I made them, but I was good with half. I figured we would have another one for dessert, but we're both still good. They are fantastic, though. I fully recommend them if you have time to make them and 50 sticks of butter laying around. :) It only took me 3 hours to make them. But of course, I had help from the Munchkin, so it probably wouldn't really take that long for a normal person.

Well, we are off to TN tomorrow for the weekend again. Let's hope for better sleep from the Munchkin than last weekend. I'm pretty excited because I'm shutting down my kitchen for the weekend and moving into my mom's. Yep, I'm fixing the meals this weekend. I wanted to do something nice for my parents. It might not be so nice for dad though....he's not usually very big on experimentation. But I think I picked some things he'll still like. I guess we'll see! He can just eat cupcakes if he doesn't like anything else. :)

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