Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pro Active For Life 5K

Well, the whole family ran in our first 5K of the year last night. It was a doozy too! The same old Frankfort route around the Capitol building with that slow steady crazy hard hill. And it was warm last night 80....which won't feel so warm in a month or two, but it made things harder than usual last night.

As usual, Michael ran with Shelby and I had the stroller. Michael did pretty good for not running pretty much since last October...33ish. I did one of my worst times ever at 38:30. But I still finished middle of the pack and middle of my age range. I started feeling nauseous during my 3rd mile (didn't eat enough carbs yesterday) and I just can't run or even speed walk while nauseous. Joseph did really good though...he didn't fuss at all until that last mile when he turned around a looked at me and started crying...probably because momma looked freaky.

It was a fun evening though. Joseph walked all over the place and then we grabbed a chocolate milk and sat on the lawn of the old capitol and shared our tasty beverage and some snacks I had packed while listening to the band.

I've already registered both of us for the Beef Festival 5K in a couple of weeks. Michael actually didn't want to do it, but I misunderstood him and registered him anyway. OOPS! It's the hardest course we've done to date...constant hills. Up...down...up..down...turn it again.

Anyway, here's some pics from last night:

Joseph playing in Shelby's water.

Joseph was trucking on down the road to visit with people.

I think he was wondering if he could make it over the tracks.

On a different note...Joseph had my camera in the car this morning and took this picture:

Not bad.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! I got up and went to bootcamp class and then did yoga. I'm about beat! Time for some rest....if Joseph will allow it. :)

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