Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My "hired" help

After a few years of thinking about putting a garden in the backyard and coming up with reasons not to...we finally did it this year!!

We built a 6' x 8' raised bed. I was a little late getting my cool crops in and a little early on some of my warmer ones, but I'm hoping that it does ok. I'm hoping I get something out of it! I'm also hoping that Joseph doesn't pull everything up. We've been working on not doing that. I've got it all planted except for my peppers...I'm just waiting on it to warm up a bit...well, warm up a little more consistently. I was freaking out one of the nights it got down to 35 recently...I kept asking Michael if he was SURE he didn't have anything I could throw over my tomatoes. I was so worried about the cold killing them. They are such nice tomatoes. They didn't enjoy the cold, I'm sure, but I think they will survive. They have little blooms on them so that's a good sign!!

Garden after 2 weeks!
The planters at the end have onions that I couldn't fit in the garden and some basil...I want to make pesto so I need quite a bit of basil.






Green Beans

My pitiful 4 spinach plants that sprouted

They were my splurge...but did you know they won't be ready until probably fall?! Shallots are slooooooow!


My Roma is not very happy...

I have chives sprouting in the open space between the rest of the herbs and the tomatoes.


You want to know something funny? Green onions are just white onions dug up before they are ready. I looked and looked for green onion sets and/or seeds. I soooo wanted green onions...I love them. But alas, none were to be found. So I finally googled it the other day. Yep, just immature onions. Also, it said just to plant them really close together so that they can't form a big bulb. I will be trying that in the fall. For now, I may just dig up a few of my white onions early if I get a hankering for green onions.

In detox news, I made it through week one....I wouldn't say it was all that hard...but I also cheated. I feel really good though....I can't imagine how good I would have felt if I had done it correctly. :) But after a year with the munchkin, I know never to expect things to go as planned. I had to break the caffiene hiatus yesterday after Joseph decided to stay up all Monday night. I wasn't functional and I had to have some coffee....being a mom requires some degree of functionality. Last night was better and I am much more human today.

Hope you all have a good one!

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