Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day one down

Day one of detox is done. Detox is always a lot easier before you actually start..if that makes sense. I mean, it always looks ok on paper and then you realize how hard it is. The no wheat thing isn't too bad because you can have things like oatmeal, rice, etc. But the no dairy's hard. I love cheese and yogurt and cottage cheese. But I'm living with my coconut milk (which is actually pretty good...I snagged it at Kroger this week for 25 cents). I haven't felt TOO draggy yet. I have been wanting a coffee sooo bad today though.

The no TV thing and limited internet has made me be so much more productive and I read more yesterday than usual. I went to the library yesterday and came home with 5 more books so I should be good for a little bit. I cheated on the no TV last night. We got "The King's Speech" in the mail from Netflix yesterday and I so badly wanted to watch it. It was worth it. Such a good movie.

Well, I worried all last night about my garden. It got down to 35 last night. I'm sure my tomatoes didn't like it, but I don't think they will die. There was frost on the trashcans but I didn't see any on the plants. Come on weather, get warm already!!!! I was so excited for sunshine and drier weather yesterday, but it was COLD! And not very sunny either. Today looks like it's going to be better.

Have a fantastic day everyone! No more internet for me until tonight!

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  1. Sounds like you are doing great on your detox. I love dairy too...I think I would starve without yogurt. Good luck!