Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Somewhere to begin....

OK, so I've been a bum when it comes to the blogging thing lately. I've been quite busy and it's summer...so I just tend to spend less time staring at a computer screen. I have lots of good stuff to blog about...I'm going to try to get some stuff posted this week. I thought I would start here...with the gift Michael got me for our 3rd anniversary:The bridle (actually just the headstall)..not the horse...I already had her. :) Ever since I can remember, I've always LOVED the blinged out bridles....Rhinestones, silver plating, you name it, if it's shiny, I want it. But, such things are completely unnecessary especially when all you do is trail ride like me. I decided in the last few months that I didn't care if it was unnecessary. I wanted a fancy headstall. But I couldn't seem to find one that blew my skirt up...especially that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I needed to be in love with it since I will probably be using it for the next umteen years.

Then the summer issue of Valley Vet came in the mail. I perused it to see what new tack had been added. I saw a headstall with green crystals that I just knew was the one. I told Michael about it...showed it to him..threw hints....everything. There was also another one with red and blue crystals that was gorgeous as well...but more expensive...so I overlooked it. Well, when Michael was ordering the gift, he wanted me to look at it and make sure it was the right one. It was the one with the red and blue crystals...not the green one. I told him to hold up for a second. I sat and studied and studied the headstalls...and mulled over which one would look best on Spice....and which one would look best on the most colors of horses since I won't have Spice forever. FINALLY, I settled on the red and blue one as you can tell. The other one had brass hardware on it when I looked at it up close and that just didn't fly well with me.

My bridle stands out a bit in the tackroom now:
The whole family went out to try Spice's bridle on and I took Joseph for his first real ride....by "real" I mean that we actually left the little area in front of the barn....but we still didn't go really far. I couldn't tell if he enjoyed it. He was gripping my arm really hard. :)
I think Spice looks like Wonder Woman!
She makes that bridle look good!

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