Monday, January 10, 2011

Jumping on the "Healthy" Bandwagon...

The picture is of our little family all ready to go to a wedding up in Virginia. Doesn't Michael just look so happy? I thought we looked pretty dapper...but what you don't see are the scratch marks all over my neck and chest from where the Munchkin went after my necklace...he's like a magpie.

Anyway, today was day one of my giving up caffeine and added sugar for a week. It's kind of a makeshift detox. I'm also going to try not to eat anything processed for this time. Yep, I am jumping on the "It's a New Year, let's get healthy" Bandwagon. I need this. I have been feeling really crappy for a while now...tired, run down, etc. I know it has to do with all the crap I've been eating. I've been shoving TONS of sugar and chocolate in my face for well over a month now and not exercising. I also started back at Boot Camp today. It was a lot to do in a day. It didn't start off the best....I did something weird to my neck while fixing breakfast this morning and it was excruciating trying to keep up with Joseph and try to get my chores done when all I wanted to do was lay on a heating pad and not move. I resorted to just trying to keep up with the Munchkin and push the chores for another day.

I also had a doctor's appt for Joseph for his incredibly itchy rash that he's had for over a week. It was diagnosed in the ER in MD last week as a viral rash and was told to give him benedryl and that it would go away in 4 to 5 days. Well, it is still here in full force...keeping him (and in turn, us) up most of the night. Benedryl only worked about half the time. So, we went to see our doctor this afternoon. It turns out it is eczema. It sucks that that is what he has, but I will just be so relieved that he gets relief. He has been clawing himself to death.

The good thing was that after wrestling with Munchkin in the waiting room for an hour at the dr (there are a lot of sick folks), my neck was pretty much cured.

Anyway, tonight I stocked up on skin protectant, sensitive skin baby wash, etc. I was told to give him Zyrtec and was even given the go ahead to give him a double dose tonight. Zyrtec is supposed to make him sleepy...I was excited. Well, I gave him the meds and waited a little bit and then tried to put him to bed. Nope...not sleepy at all. I stopped trying after 30 minutes. I mean, there was no eye rubbing, no yawning, no sleep signs. He just sat there and jabbered and played with my face. So I brought him back out to the living room and he ran 90 MPH for another hour and half. So my dreams of a drowsy baby were dashed.

So, day one of detox was ok...probably bc I was too busy to think about it. We'll just have to wait and see how day 2 goes. I'm planning on going for a run with a training group in town tomorrow evening...that is if we don't get a ton of snow like we are supposed to. I don't run in snow.

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