Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy days are here again!

It has been a great week (for the most part). Joseph has just been a joy. Not that he's not always a joy, but more so lately. He's just so stinking happy almost all the time. And he's been eating his solids like a champ and FINALLY gaining weight again. A big load off of my mind. I've been losing sleep over it. When you realize your child has only gained half a lb in 3 months....not a happy thing. But he's coming on like gang busters now. He's pretty well got his nap schedule down (except today he decided he didn't need an afternoon nap...so we left it out..I wasn't going to fight him and he was happy so whatever). We still are lacking in the nighttime sleeping area, but I know it will come in time. Michael and I are taking turns with him and that works just fine for now. Neither of us are sleep deprived.

One major downer this week was that Spice got sick. I was so scared that we were going to lose her and the thought of that just about made me lose my mind.

I got a call from Bruce, the barn owner, at about 9 Friday night saying that Spice was laying down more than usual and hadn't eaten her hay (and she is usually a piglet). He was going to get her up and give her some medication to try to make her feel better and would call me if she wasn't any better by 10:30 or so. I was so scared and the next hour or so just creeped by. Well, I got a call saying she was no better and that he was walking her but she just kept trying to lay down....a sign of colic which, while fairly common in horses, can be deadly. Bruce was going to call the vet and I started getting ready to head out to the barn....in 2 degree weather. Now we had had a bunch of snow that day and the day before so all our vehicles were under ice and snow. We agreed that I would take the truck since it was 4 wheel drive (even though it is a stick which I'm not that comfortable with)...I didn't care, just get me out there. So, Michael went and cleared off the truck while I put on layers of clothes. He came in and said that there was a problem with the wipers...the blades had busted and he would feel more comfortable if he drove. So that meant waking the Munchkin. So anyway, the whole fam-damily went out to the barn at 11 PM on a Friday night in 2 degree weather.

Michael stayed in the truck with a very awake Munchkin (he stayed awake through the whole ordeal) where it was warm. I went to talk to the vet and see my baby (my other baby). The vet had given her a shot and she was already feeling much better. It was almost definitely a bout of colic, but her vitals were good and she was not acting like she was in pain anymore. I was so relieved. She was even starting to nuzzle my pockets for treats. So, I walked her around for a little while longer but there was really nothing left to be done but wait. Bruce agreed to come check her in the wee hours when her medication would be wearing off to see if she was still ok.

So we headed home and I got the Munchkin back to bed. The next morning I went back out to see Spice. She was back to her old pushy, HUNGRY (she made a beeline toward the hay when we were walking out the door) self.
And Shelby even got to make a couple of new friends:

Happy times for all!

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