Thursday, January 27, 2011

Damage control

So I wrote a post the other day about how awesome things were and how we aren't sleep deprived even though the Munchkin is less than perfect about sleeping at night. Well, it seems no sooner than I hit the "publish" button, Joseph has decided that sleep is uncool.

So, I'm writing a "woe is me" post. Michael and I are both starting to get a bit sleep deprived. It's not just nighttime's naps, too. However, I count my blessings that he is happy while he's awake and not tired and moody. I just wonder HOW is he acting so rested. Does he suddenly not need to sleep anymore? Because I do. And Michael does, I assure you..probably more than me. I take that back...he's not happy ALL the time when he's awake. He gets mad if you leave him in his crib alone and awake. If he would party in his crib by himself...then rock on, but he needs someone to party with. Enter me or Michael.

Anyway, I am hoping that since I have written about it, that I will see improvement. Just like he tends to get worse when I brag on him. :) We'll see how this goes!

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