Thursday, January 20, 2011


For Christmas 2007, one of the things I really wanted was The Lord of the Rings Book. I didn't want it divided up into the separate books...I wanted ONE book that encompassed them all. Michael obliged and gave me a 25 lb hardback edition with gorgeous illustrations. (As you can see from the pic, Daysie thinks it makes a good pillow!) I remember that I got quite a few good books that year, so I don't think I started it right away, but I probably started it within a month of Christmas.

Well, I am say that as of last night, I have finished all 1069 pages!

It only took me 3 years.

In my defense...a lot happened in those 3 years.

I broke my ankle and had surgery to fix it.

I planned our wedding and got married.

I moved my horse up to Kentucky.

I wrote my thesis, defended it, passed, and got my Masters degree.

We adopted a first indoor dog ever!

I had a baby, quit my job, and became a stay at home mom.

It's been a busy 3 years. Me and The Lord of the Rings have been through a lot. It was almost sad to put it's dust jacket back on and put it on the shelf....where it has never been since I received because I've been reading it pretty much the whole time off and on.

Something Michael and I have started doing on road trips is reading. We pick a book and I read it aloud while he drives and it keeps him awake. It's cheaper than books on tape. Our first was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and now we are on the Hobbit. Michael wants to do Lord of the Rings next, and we might be done with it by the time Joseph graduates high school.

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