Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santa Party

The company Michael works for threw a Santa Party tonight for the children of employees. This is a yearly thing, but this was our first year to go. When I reread the invite this morning, I realized that it said to bring a dessert. Yikes! However, I had made up some cookie dough for Hot Chocolate Cookies yesterday that I was going to bake later to make goody bags for Christmas gifts. So, I baked it for the party instead. They turned out great!

I recommend using less chips than it calls for. It calls for a cup each of milk chocolate, semi sweet, and white chips. I could have done with maybe half that much or to leave out the white chips altogether. But they are VERY yummy. I used a 1/4 c measure filled half full of dough for each cookie and I baked mine for 11 minutes then put on the marshmallows and left in the oven for about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes more.

I was very proud of Joseph. He sat on Santa's lap for almost a minute before he started crying. I REALLY wanted him to pull his beard and I thought he was going to, but he didn't. They had a photographer there to take pictures with Santa. I can't wait to see ours! I was a little nervous about snapping pictures since I really hadn't seen anyone else take their own so I took this one from toward the back of the room and then high tailed it up there bc I knew he would end of crying.
All the kids got a present from Santa. Joseph got this cute little ball with a monkey on it that rolls around and plays music. He loves it.

I have to say that Michael's work always impresses me with how much they do for their employees and their families. They really know how to throw a shin-dig!

In other news, I finished decorating the house today. I will be posting pictures probably tomorrow. The Munchkin is going through a growth spurt and popping another tooth through (this will make 7). This makes him really clingy, so I'm pretty limited to things that I can do while holding him and computing ain't one of them. Earlier he searched for "asasasssasss" in my email. I also attempted to shoot some Christmas pics of Joseph today before we left to go to the party, but it turned into mostly picture of him with an ornament in his mouth and he was so could see it in his eyes. Poor guy, sleep is hard to come by when teething and growing.

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