Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Munchkin in DC!

Oh wow do we ever have a big trip ahead of us!! We are heading to DC tomorrow and staying with some friends of ours. It's a 9+ hour trip and with the Munchkin....who knows!! We are also taking Shelby, so it's gonna be a full car! We are going because my brother in law is getting married on Saturday! He should never forget their anniversary since it's New Year's Day! We will be doing some sightseeing in the much as Joseph will let us! :) Michael has never been to DC and I'm really excited that he's getting to go!

In other news, Munchkin has his first ear infection (double) and our nighttime is whack. He's up now as he has been since 10 (it's 11:20). Michael is taking his shift. He's on day 2 of antibiotics. He does pretty good except at night. The Dr. said he was fine to make the trek to DC and I'm glad that the weather isn't going to be too cold (upper 40s).

Anyway, I'm sure I will have lots to tell and plenty of pics when we get back! Have a very Happy New Year, everyone!

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