Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pizza

Friday is pizza night at our house. I think I've said that before. So, last Friday when the Munchkin and I got back from shopping, I rushed in and made pizza dough...because that's what I do. Then, because it was 50 degrees that day, we went for a walk. While out walking, I realized that we had just had pizza the night before at the Santa Party. I was planning on making just normal pizza with red sauce and pepperoni. Well, there went that. So, I started thinking about non-traditional pizzas to make. I have always wanted to make a chicken cordon bleu pizza but could never figure out what sauce to make. I always leaned toward honey mustard, but Michael isn't a big mustard fan. I would hate to make a big ol pizza and then him not eat it. Well, I decided to bite the bullet and make...gasp...a sauceless pizza. Actually, when Michael got home, he really wanted to go eat Mexican, so we had a pizzaless night in the end, but I made the chicken cordon bleu pizza the next night and it was delightful...without sauce. But I made a honey mustard to drizzle on top and it sent it over the edge. Here's how to make your own:

1 pizza crust
1 cup swiss cheese, shredded
5-6 slices deli ham, cut up
2-3 chicken tenders, fried (can use left overs, make them fresh, or use store bought), sliced up.
honey mustard (1 part dijon mustard to 1 part honey, a dash of pepper, mix)

-Preheat oven to 450.
-Top crust with cheese, ham, and chicken
-Bake for 15 minutes or until crust is golden and cheese is all melty.
-Drizzle with honey mustard.

On a side note....

I'm missing that 40 to 50 degree weather from last week....GOODNESS IT'S COLD! Today, everything outside is under a solid sheet of ice...if you know my track record with ice, you know I'm not setting foot outside! I've got the metal in my ankle to prove that ice and I do not get along!

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